Production gifts & doubles

An early Muppet Show tradition was to present each guest star with their own Muppet counterpart. The tradition did not last long, as Connie Stevens and Juliet Prowse were the only guests to be presented with their own Muppet on the show. Other people have receive Muppet likenesses as gifts such as The Muppet Christmas Carol star Michael Caine, Muppet Treasure Island star Tim Curry, and Jim Henson and the Muppets' agent Bernie Brillstein.

On other occasions, celebrities have appeared alongside Muppet doubles - such as Andy Williams and Paul Williams on The Muppet Show and the cast of NBC's Today during a 2008 episode.

Celebrity spoofs & parodies

Due to the Muppets knack of lampooning pop-culture, oftentimes Muppet caricatures and parodies of celebrities have appeared.

Inside jokes

Several characters have been designed as caricatures of cast/crew members as a sort of inside joke:

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