"Vertigo" shots (aka dolly zooms)

Tracking shots


Walter runs

  • "Once a Year Day" moves the camera around to show multiple angles in a single shot; this was somewhat rare for The Muppet Show.
  • Mimicking the style of Feist's original music video, the Sesame Street video for "1234" is filmed in a single continuous shot (although there is a hidden dissolve cut as Feist spins with the number 4).
  • Two 2008 online videos ("Rolling with the Skateboarding Dog" and "The Skateboarding Dog Gets Served") feature "hand-held" camera work from the point-of-view of Rizzo the Rat, including a POV tracking shot of Rizzo running (and skateboarding) to Rowlf's aide.
  • In The Muppets, after overhearing Tex Richman's plan, there is a close-up tracking shot of a frantic Walter running from Kermit's office.
  • In the camera tests for The Muppets (included on the Blu-ray release as "A Little Screen Test on the Way to the Read-Through") included long tracking shots of the Muppets walking and talking as they move though the studio office.
  • The 2015 series The Muppets was filmed in a documentary style, featuring several long takes and tracking shots. For example, the pilot episode, featured a long "walk and talk" of Kermit and Miss Piggy moving through the Up Late offices and studio. The show was noted as being the first time the Muppets shot with handheld cameras.[1]
  • Season 46 marked the first use of a StediCam for tracking shots on Sesame Street.[2] The newly designed street set allow for more unique camera angles and camera movements.

Slow motion

High-angle shots

Dutch angles

Racking focus

Split screens


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