Over the years, the Muppets have had their products manufactured and distributed by nearly all of the major audio and video companies. Sometimes these companies have even created a "Muppet" brand and logo featured on the merchandise. The following is a list of "Muppet" branded titles.

  • Muppet Home Video (1983) (through Walt Disney Home Video)
  • 805 VS/805 AS-The Frog Prince VHS/Beta/Laserdisc
  • 806 VS/806 AS-Hey Cinderella! VHS/Beta/Laserdisc
  • 807 VS/807 AS-The Muppet Musicians of Bremen VHS/Beta/Laserdisc
  • 808 VS/808 AS-Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas VHS/Beta/Laserdisc
  • 809?
  • 810 VS/810 AS-Fraggle Songs Volume One VHS/Beta/Laserdisc

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