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Samson und das Krümelmonster ("Samson and the Cookie Monster") is a 40 minute long German Sesamstrasse documentary from 1993, by Jens Tilman.

The documentary takes a closer look at the history and the popularity of Sesamstrasse.

Hundreds of fans replied to a newspaper ad in Hamburg. The oldest was 82 and the youngest was 3. A handful of fans was selected to come in and talk about why they love the show so much. Besides the fans the following people were interviewed about Sesamstrasse: Kermit Love, who talks about how Samson was created; Thomas Caric from Playskool talks about merchandising; Jürgen Weitzel, from NDR, talks about how the show is planned and the idea behind it; Gregory Gettas, from Children's Television Workshop, talks about how Sesame Street began; Harald Hohenacker from BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk) talks about the criticism that Sesamstrasse received in Germany; Michael Charlton talks about how to select what American Sesame Street segments to use and what segments should be produced locally; Ingfried Hoffmann, who wrote the Sesamstrasse theme, talks about some of his favorite songs on Sesamstrasse.

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