Sésamo is the Latin American co-production of Sesame Street, launched in 2016, superseding Plaza Sésamo. Three seasons have been produced as of December 2017 with a total of 65 episodes.

The series was initially a rebranded version of Sesame Amigos, which consisted of The Furchester Hotel, Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures and "Cookie's Crumby Pictures," framed by original scenes starring Elmo, Rosita and Lola and occasional celebrity guests. For Sésamo, the series added an additional, animated segment, "Tu Diciedes."

The third season, consisting of thirteen episodes, features a new set of format segments, including "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck," the 2016 reboot of "Elmo's World," "Bert and Ernie Fairytales" (imported from Sesamstrasse), animated segments from Sesame Street English and the original Sésamo series, Pequeñas Aventureras. The season also features new celebrity guest appearances.

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