Songs from Bonjour Sesame
Released 1976
Format LP
Label Productions Fantel
Cat no. SE 10001

Sésame is a French-language album that was released in Canada. It contains songs from Bonjour Sesame.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Sesame, ouvre-toi (Sesame Street Theme)
  2. Petit canard de mon coeur (Rubber Duckie)
  3. En haut, en bas (Up and Down)
  4. Je m'en vais me promener (Goin' for a Ride)
  5. Quelle est cette chanson? (What's the Name of That Song?)
  6. Tout l'monde aime la crème glacée (Everyone Likes Ice Cream)

Side Two

  1. Chante avec nous (Sing)
  2. Autour, dessus, dessous, à travers (Over, Under, Around and Through)
  3. Comme un pigeon (Doin' the Pigeon)
  4. L'imagination (Imagination)
  5. Les gens de ton voisinage (The People in Your Neighborhood)
  6. Cinq personnes dans ma famille (Five People in My Family)

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