Exterior shot of Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School.

Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School is the elementary school that Roosevelt Franklin attended. Sometimes, Roosevelt would sneak into a class when the teacher wasn't around and teach the class himself.

Roosevelt's classmates/pupils included Hardhead Henry Harris, Smart Tina, Suzetta Something, and Baby Breeze. All of these characters were voiced by the same actors who played the adults on Sesame Street.

Picture EKA Description
RF loudsoft
Episode 0510 Loud and Soft
Roosevelt makes sure the class knows the difference between loud and soft. "Don't tell me I can't teach."
Episode 0514 Poison
Roosevelt spells out the word POISON and explains what it means.
Episode 0515 Pride
Roosevelt tells the class that they themselves are as great as anybody can be.
Episode 0517 Traffic
Roosevelt has Baby Breeze teach the class about traffic. Smart Tina thinks all one has to do is look at the traffic lights, but Baby Breeze tells her one should also look out for cars.
Episode 0518 Up and Down
Roosevelt has his students stand up and sit down to learn about the opposites.
Episode 0534 Morty Moot Mope
Roosevelt Franklin tells the story of an old king named Morty Moot Mope, from the kingdom of Boebitty Bope, who loves to hear words that sound the same. Morty has trouble finding words that rhyme with his name, so he calls upon Same Sound Brown to do it.
Episode 0535 High and Low
Roosevelt teaches the class the difference between high and low.
Episode 0543 Doghouse
Using pictures on the blackboard, Roosevelt Franklin tells the class a story about two little dogs who find a big ol' bone in a doghouse. They try to take the bone, but it turns out that it belongs to a big, mean dog, who chases them away. The moral of the story: "If something's not yours, leave it alone; could be a big ol' dog in the doghouse."
Episode 0592 To Be Born a Duck
With the class singing along (and Hardhead Henry Harris providing a snare beat on his desk), Roosevelt teaches a story about pride in oneself. The story involves a duck who is told by a chicken that it's "bad luck to be born a duck," because a duck can't cluck or do anything a chicken can do. It's not until the duck learns that he can swim that he realizes it's "good luck to be born a duck."
Episode 0666 Africa
Roosevelt talks to his class about Africa. Smart Tina thinks that Africa is just a big jungle, because she's seen it that way in Tarzan movies. Roosevelt corrects her; only a small portion of Africa is a jungle. Africa also has cities and deserts and lakes. Hard Head Henry Harris compares Africa to Smart Tina.
Episode 0707 Black History
Roosevelt Franklin talks to his class about some of the great black people in history.
Episode 0744 Poems
The students recite poems about things they had to practice at.
Episode 0815 Hurt Feelings
Roosevelt finds that Suzetta is upset, because Hardhead Henry Harris called her a cantaloupe head. Roosevelt tells her that when you're upset with someone, you should tell them how you feel. He negotiates a peace settlement.
Episode 0838 Here and There
Roosevelt Franklin teahces the class the difference between "here" and "there". He demonstrates by having a letter for Hardhead Henry Harris (here), and delivering it to him (over there), with Smart Tina portraying a mailbox, and Baby Breeze taking it to him. Upon reading the letter, Harris is insulted and chases Roosevelt.
Roosevelt instructs the class in an exercise: "Lean to the left! Lean to the right! Stand up, sit down! (Outta sight!)"
Episode 0850 Rain
Baby Breeze is mad because the rain has ruined his plans for a picnic. He goes outside to yell at the rain, then realizes what a silly idea that is.