This is a list of instances in which a character who is normally an arm-rod puppet appears with live hands, and vice versa.

Live Hands to Rod Hands


Ernie's rod hands.

Rod Hands to Live Hands


Kermit's live hand, from the 1988 video Wow, You're a Cartoonist!


Elmo's live hands in 2017's YouTube video "Elmo's New Years [sic] Resolution".


One of Uncle Traveling Matt's live hands appearance on CITV in 1985.


Miss Piggy's live hand from The Muppets.

  • Zoe
    • Sesame Street Episode 4409 — in close-up shots of Zoe dropping Leela's cellphone in the flowerbed and picking it up.

Other Alterations


Mokey with one rod hand and one live hand.

  • Mokey Fraggle switched back and forth between live hands and rod hands, depending on what the scene required.
  • Funella Furchester similar to Mokey, switches between live hands and rod hand depending on the scene.

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