Robert Lembke (1913-1989) was a German quiz show host and television personality. He hosted Was bin ich?, the German counterpart of What's My Line? and the longest running German game show, airing from 1955 until 1989 (ending when Lembke died).

On Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street, game show host Guy Smiley was renamed Robert, in reference to Lembke. Lembke himself later guest starred on the series in 1981, hosting a version of "Was bin ich? The game was essentially focused on inside trivia, since the first round asked the Sesamstrasse characters to identify the German voice of Ernie: Gerd Duwner, appearing as himself. Another round involved the puppeteers appearing out of costume to be matched with their characters.

Prior to and concurrent with his quiz show duties, Lembke worked in the news and sports departments of Bayerisch Rundfunk and ARD, as newscaster, programming director, and editor.

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