PERFORMER David Healy voice
  Anthony Asbury puppeteer
DEBUT 1986
DESIGN Brian Froud designer
  Tim Rose,
Bernard Kramer builder

The Right Door Knocker is encountered by Sarah in Labyrinth. Along with his partner, Left Door Knocker, this living gargoyle-faced knocker guards the doors between the hedgemaze and the forest. His door ring normally resides in his mouth, forcing him to mumble when speaking. The Right Door Knocker proves more helpful to Sarah, though reluctant to have his ring replaced. Still, he accepts his fate with a certain amount of stoicism.

The Right Door Knocker also adorned the door of Jim Henson's workshop space in the pitch tape for The Jim Henson Hour. After Jim's departure, he asks the other puppets what they thought of the upcoming series, and was met with positive reviews.

Merchandise based on the Door Knockers includes a Talking Door Knocker, and a Plush Door Knocker.