Release Date 1997
Format VHS

Reingelegt, Bert! (Fooled You, Bert!) is a Sesamstrasse video released in 1997.


  • Ernie's Fish Call
  • Super Grover: Computer
  • Grover Sells Kermit a toothbrush
  • Cartoon: "There's Chickens in the Trees"
  • Grover the Dog-Walker
  • Hoots Tries Putting Athena to Sleep
  • Ernie divides licorice whip candy
  • Animation: Luxo Jr. - Up and Down
  • Grover and Kermit Show Up & Down
  • Mumford's Magic Act with Gladys the Cow
  • Film: Up/Down Remote
  • Ernie Teaches Ernestine His Name
  • Mumford's Rabbit Trick
  • Kermit Shows Between
  • Big Bird and Snuffy Use Magic
  • Ernie's Rhyming Game
  • News Flash: Mumford's Big/Little Trick
  • The Count Goes to the Bank
  • Ruby and Mumford in the Rain
  • Ernie Looks for the Phone