PERFORMER Carsten Morar-Haffke
DEBUT 2006

Reiner Sauberhasi, a vacuum sales rabbit, appeared on Sesamstrasse in episode 2350.

He tried to sell a vacuum cleaner, the Saugi2000, to Rumpel, but did not have any luck with that. He got lucky when, while coming through Nils' store, Nils' vacuum cleaner broke, and he made a sale. He then got the idea of selling Nils' used vacuum cleaner to Rumpel, and him being a grouch, that also turned into a successful sale. He ended up concluding that it was his lucky day.

The puppet was recycled from Sesame Street's Preston Rabbit, and was also used on Sesamstrasse as Hasi Himmelglück, Knut Köffelström, Henry and Armin.