One of the Cyclia images reused for Reflections

Jim's Red Book "Cyclia" Kaleidoscope

Jim's Red Book "Cyclia" Kaleidoscope

Reflections is a 1973 pitch by Jim Henson to IBM for an experimental film. The tele-film would have re-purposed much of the footage Henson had created for Cataclyms, the film to be shown at the unrealized Cyclia nightclub.

Jim's 1973 pitch for "Reflections" described it as, " hour of visual poetry. It is an affirmation of our sense of wonder." Starting with a sunrise, the voiceover would speak, "...of the beauty of nature," and encourage viewers to reconnect with their natural surroundings as "...a source of fulfillment and inspiration." In a format similar to Youth 68, various "thoughtful" people would give their personal observations throughout the program and photography of water and reflections would be a recurring motif. Music would, "...flow and blend the whole hour together into a composition." Overall, Jim wanted to express his appreciation for the natural world and reawaken the audience to its beauty. While a project like this would no doubt play well in an art museum or as part of a festival, it is hard to imagine modern television audiences having the attention span to sit through an hour-long program like "Reflections" without changing the channel. IBM passed, and instead of making a dedicated special, Jim went on to infuse his later work with many of these themes.
Jim Henson's Red Book[1]


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