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Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Sara J. Compton
Date 1985
Publisher Instructional Children's Music, Inc.,
Jonico Music Inc.,
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 2274

Their comeback appearance in the 1990's.

The "Readers of the Open Range" refers both to a trio of cowpokes who specialize in reading signs and the song in which they introduce themselves. The group consists of Vern (Jerry Nelson), Sophie (Kevin Clash), and Earl (Richard Hunt).

The Readers returned to Sesame Street years later for a second sketch; only Nelson reprised his role, with Martin P. Robinson replacing Richard Hunt and Julianne Buescher replacing Kevin Clash. After singing their theme song, the group wanders into a town whose inhabitants are entirely illiterate, and thus have no idea where they live. Vern sagely asks whether there's a "big ole' sign" in town, and thus is able to determine that the Readers of the Open Range are in Bisbee, Arizona.

The song the group sang was also performed by Elmo and Noel Cowherd as an audio track only.


Audio (song; Elmo and Noel Cowherd's version)

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