PERFORMER Allan Trautman Rat #1 puppeteer
  Reni Santoni Rat #1 voice
  Bill Barretta Rat #2 puppeteer
  John Leguizamo Rat #2 voice
DEBUT 1998

A pair of rats appear in Dr. Dolittle, scavenging in garbage and tossing snide remarks at John Dolittle and others. When one appears to be dying, however, his friend urges Dr. Dolittle to do something. Dolittle performs CPR mouth to mouth and other methods, but it turns out the rat only had a severe case of gas. The rats remain ungrateful when they next encounter the doctor, however.

Though Jim Henson's Creature Shop built the rod rats, their tiny movements proved difficult to capture. As a result, the puppets were only used in the CPR scene.

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