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Quiet Time (video)

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Produced by:
Release Date: 1997 (VHS)
2003 (DVD)
Discs: 1
Region: 1

Big Bird's quiet drawings

Quiet Time is a Sesame Street video released on April 1, 1997. Big Bird wants to find out what to do at "quiet time." He asks his friends for suggestions, which include reading, drawing, and napping. A countdown of the Top Ten quiet time tips appear periodically (announced by David Rudman) on a Campbell's Soup can, including such ideas as "Practice your giraffe imitation."


  • Zoe suggests playing an imagination game.
  • Telly suggests reading his book, The Man Who Couldn't Sleep. In this fairy tale, a man (played by Telly) can't sleep because of the wind and rustling leaves. He seeks the counsel of the Wise Man whose counsel involves bringing in a wide range of livestock, from a cow to a sheep. When the man finally rids his house of the noisy animals, the wind and the trees no longer bother him and he can sleep at last.
  • In the Park, Big Bird meets Daphne Rubin-Vega, who sings to him about how silence and quiet can be soothing and fun. Clips of children, animals, and rivers are interspersed.
  • Ernie admits that he's not in a quiet time mood. He goes to the apartment to ask Bert to play. The pair sing "Naptime. This newly taped sequence features the puppeteers lip-synching to the original track from the album What Time Is It on Sesame Street?.
  • Big Bird decides to take a nap when Rosita returns to find him asleep. She finds that Big Bird has already tried all of the suggestions in her book, except for napping.
  • Big Bird sings about all the quiet things one can do. As the credits roll, he reveals a picture he drew of himself and Telly (art by Caroll Spinney).



Muppet Performers

Special Guest Star

Child Talent

  • Saman Rouhani, Megan Willis, Carisse Elizabeth Moy, Jamari Richardson


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