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Kermit on Pat Sajak, joke spoofs00:43

Kermit on Pat Sajak, joke spoofs

Quantum Leap is a science fiction television series that aired from 1989 to 1993. The story follows Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who has invented a machine that allows someone to travel back in time throughout their own lifetime, briefly inhabiting the body of another individual.


  • During an appearance on The Pat Sajak Show in 1989, Sajak commends his guest Kermit the Frog on hosting a prime-time TV series. Kermit says it's just the beginning, and cites a few shows coming up with frogs in the works:
Kermit: [We've got]... Quantum Leap-frog.
Sajak: I'd watch that!
Kermit: Yeah, that's a good one.
  • A commercial in the 1991 Dinosaurs episode "Charlene's Tale" advertises a show comprising elements of various TV shows, including a character who "leaps through time".


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