A herd of Purple Sproingers.

Purple Sproingers are beautiful flying jellyfish-like creatures that live in the Gorgs' Garden on Fraggle Rock. They eat stinkweed, an unwanted garden plant.

Their larval forms are large fuzzy caterpillars with voracious appetites, known as Toe Ticklers which get their name from the fact that their fuzzy bodies can tickle the feet of Fraggles. Their pupal forms are pendulous cocoons.

The Gorgs love Purple Sproingers but dislike Toe Ticklers, unaware that they are one and the same. Mokey befriends one in "The Invasion of the Toe Ticklers," naming her "Agnes" and following her through her life cycle. The Toe Ticklers cause havoc for the Fraggles until the Toe Ticklers start to act strange and start moving. The Fraggles end up herding the Toe Ticklers into Chimney Hole Cavern and end up blocking the entrance with rocks. Mokey tries to free them only to get trapped in Chimney Hole Cavern. When the Toe Ticklers hatch into Purple Sproingers, they carried Mokey out of Chimney Hole Cavern and eventually eat up the Stinkweeds the Gorgs were having a hard time uprooting.