PuppetPalooza 2018 poster

The Santa Barbara International PuppetPalooza is a puppetry festival held in California March 1 - 4, 2018.

On Friday, March 2, the Muppets and Muppet performers appeared at a live event titled "Meet The Muppets and the Performers that Make Them Great!" The panel consisted of Matt Vogel (with Kermit the Frog), Eric Jacobson (with Miss Piggy), Bill Barretta (with Pepe the King Prawn and Rowlf the Dog), and Peter Linz (with Walter), moderated by Debbie McClellan. Linz also performed his full-bodied character Snook from the Mitchell Kriegman TV series It's a Big Big World.

Official description

An evening of improvised mayhem, story-telling, interviews, exclusive footage and musical muppetry madness! A cast of Muppet characters will perform, and the puppeteers who bring the characters to life will do a panel to discuss their behind the scenes experiences, followed by food and a meet and greet in the Theatre Courtyard.


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