DEBUT 1980
DESIGN Bob Payne designer/builder

The Puppets, offering their own critique of Ebenezer Scrooge, from The Muppet Christmas Carol

A pair of "Punch and Judy" puppets are first seen in The Muppet Show episode 508. Beauregard performed the puppets in the episode's UK spot. As opposed to Muppets, these figures are literal hand puppets manipulated by other characters. The puppets are a Mr. Punch figure, with no apparent moving parts, and a more lively crocodile, whom Beauregard reprimands for biting his thumb. Kermit seems interested in the puppets, and unintentionally ignores Piggy, causing her to perform her signature karate chop on him.

They appeared again as part of the "Scarborough Fair" number in episode 511.

Their final appearances included the Muppet Treasures video and a cameo in the opening song from The Muppet Christmas Carol (performed by Steve Whitmire).

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