Constantine studies the voice of Jim.

Instances where productions use more than one voice of a Muppet character, despite recasts.

Many episodes and home video releases (plus spin-off Play with Me Sesame) contain multiple scenes featuring two different performers for certain characters. Of note, the framing scenes of Play All Day with Elmo feature Ryan Dillon as Elmo and two inserts with Kevin Clash performing Elmo. One insert originally performed by Clash ("Elmo Says") is re-dubbed with Dillon's vocals. Another notable instance is in a season 3 episode of Play with Me Sesame, where a Grover sketch is partially re-dubbed by Eric Jacobson, alternating between his and Frank Oz's original vocals.
Additionally, starting in Season 45, new editions of "Elmo the Musical" retain Kevin Clash's singing vocals for the segment intro, though the actual segments star Ryan Dillon as Elmo. One particular installment, "Tomato the Musical," has Dillon performing Elmo throughout the segment, but his final "Bye-bye" is archived audio of Clash.
A number of episodes in the first season alternate performers for Miss Piggy, who would be performed by Frank Oz and Richard Hunt within the same episode. One such occurrence, "Temptation" from episode 101 (where Oz does Piggy's speaking voice, while Hunt provides the singing vocals), was referenced in The Kermit and Piggy Story, where Piggy claims Hunt's voice was prior to her hiring a vocal coach.
An exchange between Statler and Waldorf during the fireworks finale was recorded following Jim Henson's death. As such, an unknown performer voices Waldorf for the one line.[1]
The portion with Cookie Monster singing about being a fireman, taken from Let's Play School, retains Jim Henson's voice as Ernie while Steve Whitmire voices Ernie for the rest of the show.
Matt Vogel puppeteers Big Bird throughout the film and sings the opening song, while Caroll Spinney provides the voice for the speaking dialogue.
Audio of Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog and Richard Hunt as Scooter (from The Muppet Show) is used, notably during the opening prologue and as they enter the dilapidated Muppet Theater.
An unknown voice artist provides a few lines as Kermit the Frog throughout the game.
Constantine studies archival footage of Kermit (borrowed from The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie and Sesame Street), all of which use Jim Henson's voice.
Kermit sings along to a 1976 recording of "Bein' Green," as performed by Jim Henson.


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