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The evolution of Prairie Dawn.

Image As seen in / Year Notes

Sesame Street
Prairie Dawn first appeared with very basic blonde hair with bangs. Her common outfit was a light-blue party dress.
Sesame Street
Prairie has a bow in her now shorter hair. Her original dress is finally exchanged with similar teal-white apparel.

Sesame Street Jam: A Musical Celebration
Prairie's hair grows much longer and has a slight curl at the tips. In a few scenes in season 24, she is given an outfit more akin to her original and a more prominently featured hairbow.
This version of Prairie, shown around the mid-twenty seasons, now wears a vibrant blue-yellow trimmed dress and bow.
Sesame Street
A slightly larger puppet for Prairie is used. She now wears a wristwatch.
Clips & Quips
This Prairie Dawn has an overall bigger physique. Her new fashionable attire is an orange shirt with an overall dress and a headband with her bangs pushed to the sides. Also, her eyes focus is improved.
The Doctors
This puppet is based on her original design with a modern twist. Her eyelids are now facing outward yet her eyes are still focused in the center. She sports a solid version of her teal and white dress.

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