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Prairies mom
PERFORMER Leslie Carrara
DEBUT 2006
Baby prairie 5

Prairie Dawn's Mom as she appeared in the first two Sesame Beginnings DVDs.

Prairie Dawn's Mom appears in the Sesame Beginnings DVD series, caring for Baby Prairie Dawn.

In the 2006 DVD Exploring Together, in the second wave of the Sesame Beginnings series, Prairie Dawn's Mom received a makeover, complete with a costume change and a longer hairdo. Unlike Prairie herself, Prairie's Mom has a nose.

In her first appearances on the Sesame Beginnings DVDs, her hair was a very short cut; by the time Exploring Together was released, she's grown her hair out and straightened it.

Aside from Sesame Beginnings, Prairie Dawn's Mom also appeared in the 2006 Elmo's Potty Time.


  • Muppeteer Leslie Carrara's website mentions that the character's name is Delta.[1] However, the name has not been used on camera or in other materials.
  • The puppet design was also the basis for a newer Anything Muppet pattern introduced in Season 38.
  • Leslie Carrara based the voice for her on Miss Coco Peru.[2]



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