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Sam and Friends - Powder Burn04:44

Sam and Friends - Powder Burn

Powder-Burn (also known as Punsmoke) is one of the surviving episodes of Sam and Friends.

Muppets: Chicken Liver, Kermit, Harry the Hipster, Professor Madcliffe, Yorick

Description: A pun-filled Wild West story, spoofing Gunsmoke, in which Marshall Dilly (played by Chicken Liver) is preparing for a showdown with Black Bart (played by Yorick) - which results in a game of chess. Kermit plays Gunsmoke character Chester as a wimpy cowboy named Pester; Harry in drag plays Dilly's girlfriend Doggy (as opposed to Kitty); the Professor makes a cameo as a dramatics teacher, a.k.a. the 'stage coach' that's said to arrive at twelve, known as "Thadeus Quentin Ovaltone".

Jim Henson provided all the characters' voices. This episode of Sam and Friends is a precursor to the Old West sketches on Sesame Street.

This episode can currently be seen in a collection of Jim's early work held at the Museum of Television and Radio in both New York and Los Angeles.

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