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Written by  Susan Rich Brooke
Illustrator  Bob Berry
Published  2010
Publisher  Publications International
ISBN  9781412777810

Potty Time with Abby is a 2010 Sesame Street Play-a-Sound storybook in which Abby Cadabby learns to use the potty.

Abby is playing outside with Elmo, Zoe and Grover when she realizes that she needs to use the potty. She poofs herself to the bathroom, where she accidentally turns the potty into a pumpkin instead of using it. But that's okay -- her mommy helps her clean up, and she'll try to use the potty again later. She's very proud when she succeeds the next time, and washes her hands. And the best thing about using the potty: "Fee-fi-fo-fair, I can wear fancy underwear!"

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