PERFORMER Paul Shedlowich
DEBUT 2001

Officer Plint is a Peacekeeper assigned to Scorpius' command carrier. There he is stationed directly under Lt. Braca and works as an intimidating presence sometimes to be utilized by his superior officers.

When the crew of Moya are allowed to board the command carrier as part of a deal brokered with Scorpius, Plint is assigned as their escort. Unlike many other Peacekeepers, Plint seems to take a more relaxed attitude regarding their presence, seemingly amused by the uncomfortable situation in which the fugitives find themselves.

Later, during a security lockdown, Plint and a fellow soldier attempt to stop John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from moving freely about the carrier. They are knocked out for their trouble.

Plint is last seen officers lounge playing a game with Rygel and Jool. His fate afterward is unknown.


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