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This season's focus is conflict resolution, literacy, and story telling. The season aired on Televisa in fall 2010, and Discovery Kids Latin America in January 2011.

Season overview

As of season 13, the Plaza has a "brighter, fresher appearance":

There are more buildings with various architectural designs, more windows and balconies, grass and brighter colors, all designed to give Plaza Sésamo an airy feel, reflective of a Latin American neighborhood that may be found in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, or anywhere. Viewers will also notice a tree on the Plaza, which wasn’t there before. During the season premiere, the Plaza Sésamo family will come together and help Abelardo build a nest in this tree, giving him his very own home. In later episodes, Abelardo will host his friends, present the letter of the day, and tell imaginative stories from his new nest. These segments will demonstrate story-telling through creativity and humor, and encourage viewers to practice listening to and telling stories, as well.

"In addition to meeting Gaby and visiting Abelardo’s new home, several Plaza Sésamo episodes will tell stories through longer formats. For example, in a physically comedic Super Lola story, Lola learns that she is, in fact, super helpful, and that being super does not mean she has to learn to perform impossible tasks. In another hilarious story, Pancho will go to a costume ball as a blue prince, and his princess, who actually looks much more like a witch, will upstage Pancho and win the prize for best costume."

New Pancho Vision segments have been filmed in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Guatemala. New live segments feature Costa Rica and Ecuador, two countries never included in previous seasons.

Alfonso Soto takes over Pancho this season, and show veteran Rocío Lara has been named Head Muppeteer. Producers have yet to meet with Paola Ramones, to discuss whether she will return; she was new to the cast in 2009.[1]


One major change has been made to the format: episodes will close with the character recapping, and saying goodbye.


(65 episodes)


Muppets™ Of Plaza Sésamo

Guest stars


  • Executive Producer: Javier Williams
  • Senior Producer: Lorenzo Dunoyer (new this season)


Filmed at the San Angel studio for Televisa.


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