Songs from Plaza Sésamo
Released 1983
Format LP
Label Golondrina
Cat no. LPG/ 03120

Plaza Sésamo is the first Sesame album produced in Mexico.

This soundtrack album for Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Gamma in 1983.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Tema Entrada (Sesame Street Theme) - Orchestra
  2. Tema de Sebastian (Sebastian's Theme) - Sebastian
  3. La Musica (Music) - Everyone
  4. Por Que? (Why?) - Miguel
  5. Decubrir (Discovering) - Don Goyo
  6. Sesamo nos dice (We say Sesame) - Everyone

Side Two

  1. Cancion de Plaza Sesamo (The Sesame Street Song) - Everyone
  2. Cooperando (Cooperation) - Paula
  3. Nada es fácil de arreglar (Nothing is easy to fix) - Bodoque
  4. Viajen con su imagination (Imaginairy trip) - Serapio Montoya
  5. Cancion de Ana y Miguel (Ana and Miguel's Song) - Ana and Miguel
  6. Cumbia del Perico (Cumbia of the Parakeet) - Serapio Montoya


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