The second volume of Playhouse Disney songs was released in 2003, and contained four previously unavailable songs from Bear in the Big Blue House (as marked with an asterisk).

This album also contains several songs from The Book of Pooh, another Mitchell Kriegman creation.

  1. Playhouse Disney Theme (Character Version) - The Wiggles
  2. Woodland Valley Cha Cha *
    A. Wyatt Blakemore, Brian Woodbury
  3. No Harm *
    A. Wyatt Blakemore, Mitchell Kriegman
  4. It Takes All Kinds *
    Robert Cole and Deena Cole
  5. Where Would You Be Without Your Friends *
    Brian Woodbury
  6. An Oodely-Doodely Day - Disney's PB & J Otter
  7. No Big Deal - Disney's PB & J Otter
  8. All Together We Can Build It - Disney's PB & J Otter
  9. Imaginings - Disney's PB & J Otter
  10. No Place We'd Rather Be - Disney's PB & J Otter
  11. Heartbeat - Out of the Box
  12. Just Say This - Out of the Box
  13. Listen To Me - Out of the Box
  14. Turn A Mistake Into Something Great - Out of the Box
  15. Box Beat - Out of the Box
  16. What Piglets Are - The Book of Pooh
  17. If I Could Be Big - The Book of Pooh
  18. Carry On - The Book of Pooh
  19. The Bluebird Song - The Book of Pooh
  20. What's Your Name, River - The Book of Pooh
  21. Just You And Me - Stanley
  22. Everyday Is Earthday - Stanley
  23. Good As Gold - Stanley
  24. Goodnight, Dennis - Stanley
  25. Playhouse Disney Theme (Generic Version) - The Wiggles

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