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Play with Me Sesame is a 24-minute program that premiered on April 1, 2002.[1] It features a framing structure starring Grover, Prairie Dawn, Ernie and Bert while also showcasing old inserts from Sesame Street.

The first two seasons were produced for Noggin, and contained 26 and 52 episodes, respectively. In the second season, Cookie Monster, Ernestine, Slimey, and Zoe started making occasional appearances on the show. The third and final season was produced solely by Sesame Workshop with 26 episodes.[2] The show currently airs on PBS Kids Sprout.


A typical show follows this format:

  • Ernie Says ... (similar to "Simon Says")
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Prairie Dawn showcases drawings made by kids
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Bert plays on the computer
  • classic Muppet clip (a song segment)
  • Bert shows computer-generated "oatmeal art" submitted by kids
  • classic Muppet clip (an Ernie and Bert segment)
  • Finale: Grover invites the viewer to dance with him (occasionally includes a classic clip)

Beginning in season 3, Prairie would trade her art segment for one oriented around music.

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