In one Sesame Street News Flash segment, Kermit visits the pickled pepper patch of Peter Piper to interview him. However, Kermit only gets to meet members of Peter Piper's family; who are all pepper pickers, but, as his brother Porter Piper puts it, "Pete gets the publicity." Each family member Kermit talks to adds to the pickled pepper pile, which happens to be right where he's standing. By the end, Kermit is piled chest-high with peppers and demands to know where Peter Piper is. Cousin Parker Piper answers "He's in Portland, pressing pants."

The family pets include a dog, Pepper Piper (who Poppa Piper accidentally calls "Pepper Popper,") and a pig, Porker Piper. Poppa also mentions the family parrot, Polly Piper, who pecks the pickled peppers.

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