PERFORMER Jerry Nelson Gold Stalk
  Fran Brill Pink Stalk
DEBUT 1975
DESIGN Rollie Krewson designer and builder

Two "Stalks" appear in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence sketch titled Aggression. The characters are listed in the script as "Pink Stalk" and "Gold Stalk". In the original script dialogue, they refer to each other as "George" and "Martha", though in the sketch as filmed they call each other "Xomfey" (pink) and "Melg" (gold). Like the less-civilized heaps, they speak in gibberish, but with more distinguished accents.

Both stalks can also be seen in the special as audience members of the wrestling match, and the Gold Stalk appeared dancing with a blonde female whatnot during one of the At the Dance sketches.

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