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Written by  Ellen Weiss
Illustrator  Kathy Spahr
Published  1992
Publisher  Muppet Press
Series  My First Book Club
ISBN  0717282759

Piggy Visits the Doctor is a 1992 Muppet Babies storybook featuring Baby Piggy.

Nanny has brought Piggy for her checkup at the doctor's office. Piggy has brought her doll Lemonade for a checkup by Dr. Brown too. Dr. Brown weighs both Piggy and the doll, checks their ears, nose and throat, and even gives them each a shot.

For her good behavior, both patients are treated to matching necklaces, Lemonade's being a bracelet.


The book was reprinted in 2005 by Bendon Publishing, as part of the Muppet Babies First Library set.

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