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Released: Summer 2004

Series: 8

Articulation: Neck, ball joint shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees

Accessories: Wall clock, egg nog, two Erlenmeyer flasks, two boiling flasks, burner tripod with flask

From: Muppets from Space

Dr. Phil Van Neuter, Muppets Tonight's 'friendly veterinarian', was featured in series 8 of the Jim Henson's Muppets action figure line made by Palisades Toys.

One of the taller figures in the series, Dr. Phil has gloves made of soft plastic so he holds objects with ease. His apron is covered with red stains.

The wall clock has moving hands and can be hung in the Muppet Labs Playset. The eggnog has a drawing of Camilla. It was added as a reference to Dr. Phil's Christmas Party in Muppets Tonight Episode 201.

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