Per Myrberg (b. 1933), born Per Nils Myrberg, is a Swedish actor and singer who voiced Roosevelt Franklin and various characters on Sesam, the first Swedish version of Sesame Street. He was also heard in the Swedish dubs of The Christmas Toy and The Adventures of Pinocchio (as Geppetto).

Myrberg graduated from Dramatens acting school in 1957, and in subsequent years, he could be seen in various theaters around Sweden. His first movie role was as Erik Svensson in Värmlänningarna (1957), and he has since appeared in both movies and TV ranging from comedies to leading roles in dramas.

His voice credits include the Disney movies 101 Dalmatians (as Roger Radcliff in the original 1961 dub),The Little Mermaid (as Sebastian), The Aristocats (as Thomas O'Malley), and Atlantis: The Lost Empire (as Preston B. Whitmore), as well as Astérix & Obélix - mission Cleopatre (as the narrator), An American Tail (as Honest John), and Tintin et le temple du soleil.

As a singer, Myrberg has had a handful of hits on the Swedish charts, including a cover of "Yellow Submarine." In 1988, he was given the royal order "Litteris et artibus," which is awarded each year to one or more artists.

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