Released: Fall 2003

Series: 5

Articulation: Neck, (four) ball joint shoulders, (four) elbows, (four) wrists, hips

Accessories: Beach chair, umbrella, hair dryer, binoculars, slippers, lunchbox, base

From: Muppets Tonight

Pepe the King Prawn was featured in the fifth series of Palisades Toys' line of Jim Henson's Muppets action figures.

Pepe is wearing his light blue hoodie. He has holes in his two upper hands. The binoculars (for checking out the ladies) and the hairdryer have pins to stick in these holes. The green slippers fit on Pepe's feet. The Muppets Tonight lunchbox has pictures of Pepe. It was later added as an accessory for the Lips Action Figure.

Two versions of an exclusive Vacation Pepe Action Figure were released a few months later.

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