Written by Jeff Moss
Illustrator Richard Brown
Published 1983
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Golden Super Shape Book
ISBN 0307100715

People in Your Neighborhood is a Sesame Street storybook based on the song, "The People in Your Neighborhood".

A previous version was published in 1971, with art by the Leon Jason Studios.

A new version was re-issued in 1983, with illustrations by Richard Brown picturing the familiar Sesame characters in the occupations: Big Bird (mailman), Cookie Monster (baker), Mr. Hooper (newsdealer), Rodeo Rosie, Herry Monster (barber), Prairie Dawn (bus driver), Telly Monster (dentist), Ernie and Bert (firemen), Betty Lou (doctor), Oscar the Grouch (trash collector), and Grover (shoemaker).

Other releases

In 1984, the book was re-issued as part of the "Golden Melody Book" series. When the book is opened, the melody of the song plays.

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