Penny Marshall with Elmo and Rosita.


Penny Marshall (b. 1942) is an actress and director perhaps best known as Laverne in the Happy Days spin-off Laverne and Shirley. She is also the sister of noted sitcom creator Gary Marshall.

Marshall appeared with the Sesame Street Muppets and Rosie O'Donnell in a variety of commercials and public appearances in the late 1990s, as promotions for Kmart.

She was also attached as director for the proposed film of Into the Woods at one point. She was photographed with Big Bird in 1997, at the Fashion Cafe.[1]

Matt Vogel recalled an appearance involving him as Big Bird, with Marshall, to Tough Pigs:

I was doing a live appearance as Big Bird with Penny Marshall for a new Sesame Street kid's clothing line. We were hosting a fashion show in front of a bunch of press and children. As Penny Marshall walked on stage, she lost her footing and grabbed Big Bird by the right wing—ripping it off the puppet! In front of everyone—Cameras, reporters, children!
There she was, standing there with the wing in her hands. She quickly realized what had happened and hid the wing behind her back. Neither of us knew what to do so I just said, "Don't worry. It'll grow back." And we went on with the show.[2]


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