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Paula Sleijp (b. 1931) plays Paula on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street.

Paula took over the part of the grandmother character from Mieke Verstraete in 1982. During the first years, she was a sweet old lady, but starting in the 20th anniversary episode in 1996, Paula has a bit of a temper and sometimes acts a little stern towards her neighbors.

Paula used to dress up as the Baroness every now and then, a silly lady with a French accent. Aart had a bit of a crush on her, given his love for authority.

In march 2010 she had to stop because of health problems. For this they aired a 25 minute special on march 26th, where they showed the best scetches through the years.

She was interviewed about her departure and time on the show on the Belgian radio channel Q-Music.

Sleijp is born in Belgium.

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