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Paula and Kermit, Nov 2007

Paula Deen (b. 1947) is the host of Paula's Party, a cooking show on The Food Network. Over the years, several Muppets have lent her a hand/flipper, including Kermit the Frog and Elmo.

  • Elmo's appearance in the February 23, 2008 "Black & White Ball" episode prompted an exchange between Paula and Elmo about Jim Henson.
Paula: Did anybody ever tell you that your eyes are so cute they kind of look like ping-pong balls?
Elmo: Really?
Paula: Yes, really.
Elmo: Elmo thinks Mr. Jim Henson had something to do with that. (laughs)
Paula: Well, Jim did good.
Elmo: Yeah, Elmo misses Mr. Jim.
Paula: I know you miss Mr. Jim.
Elmo: Yeah.
Paula: But aren't we glad we had him?
Elmo: Yes!
Paula: Yes, yes!
Elmo: Or Elmo would not be here!
Paula: Or Elmo would be a twinkle in someone's eye.
Elmo: Elmo would be a red rock somewhere! (they both laugh)

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