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Paul Williams Muppets

The Paul Williams Muppets appeared in Episode 108 of The Muppet Show. Guest star Paul Williams performed “An Old Fashioned Love Song” with two Muppets made in his likeness.

Unlike the Juliet Prowse Muppet and the Connie Stevens Muppet, which were presented as gifts to the guest stars at the end of the show, the Paul Williams Muppets appeared unannounced alongside the real Paul Williams to add backing vocals (evidently tripled by Williams himself) during his performance.

Williams kept one of his puppet likenesses. He's said that he keeps it on his piano at home, but the puppet's color is beginning to fade due to the window in the room.

Williams has said in interviews (one included on the Muppet Morsels for his episode in the Season 1 release), that Ï find it funny that many of my likenesses are life-sized...", referring to many jokes about being short, one joke that kept recurring through his episode.

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