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A Whatnot singing Tracey's "Something's Missing."

Paul Tracey is a composer and performer who has written several songs that were performed on The Muppet Show.

Born in South Africa and raised in England, he appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show, and co-wrote with his brother Andrew the revue Wait a Minim!, which toured the world before appearing on Broadway in 1967. He also appeared on Broadway in The Boy Friend (with Sandy Duncan) and The Rothschilds (with Hal Linden and Jill Clayburgh), and on the West End in Stephen Sondheim's Company (with Julia McKenzie).

Four of Paul Tracey's songs were performed on The Muppet Show: "Ugly Song," "Wishing Song," "Something's Missing," and "Dog Walk." Tracey met with Jim Henson during the show's tenure to write some original songs for the show, none of which were used.[1]


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