A Parrot in episode 2328 of Sesamstrasse.

The first parrot was made for a Pigs in Space sketch in episode 223 of The Muppet Show. Named Eric, he was a red parrot with green wings, an orange beak, and taxidermy eyes that were changed to Muppet Eyes in the show's last two seasons. Other parrots were made for episode 402: three large, green ones (one with a red head, one with a pink head, and one with a blue head) and a smaller multicolored one named Alfonso D'Bruzzo, and a baby.

Famed Sesame Street parrots have included Poco Loco and H. Ross Parrot, and Big Bird's cousin Abelardo Montoya. A Macaw is featured sitting in a nest with a Toucan in the song "Let's Lay an Egg."