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Pancho Contreras poses with a visitor.[1]

Parque Plaza Sésamo is the Mexican counter-part to Sesame Place, based on Plaza Sésamo. Located in Monterrey, the theme park had its grand opening on October 12, 1995, and operates year round. In addition to roller coasters and other rides, the park features walk-around versions of both the US Muppets and their Plaza Sésamo compatriots.

The park occasionally hosts celebrity events, with soccer stars, mayoral candidates, and other notables making appearances. Character birthdays are celebrated at the park, during "Festividad de personajes".


Sesame Street and Plaza Sésamo stars walk around the park as full-body characters, interacting with guests, posing for photos, and appearing in shows and parades. Abby Cadabby, Abelardo, Aurora, Archibaldo, Beto, Conde Contar, Elmo, Enrique, Lola, Lucas, Pancho, Zoe.



Castillo Contar[1]

  • Villasésamo : The entrance to the park leads down a colorful street, featuring shops, restaurants and walk-around characters.
  • Castillo del Conde Contar (The Castle of Count) : At the center of Villasésamo is the Count's castle, surrounded by a lake and topiary numbers. Visitors can explore the castle and look out onto the park.
  • Crazy Tower : A ride attached to the Count's Castle.
  • Lago Contar (Lake Count) : A relaxing boat ride that brings visitors into the underground area of the Count's castle.
  • Circo Sésamo : A merry-go-round.
  • Catariños : A gentle roller coaster.
  • Expreso Minero (Mining Express) : A runaway-train roller coaster.
  • Tecnoaventuras : An arcade.
  • Aerosésamo (Air Sesame) : An airplane ride for young visitors.
  • Ovni (UFO) : A spinning ride in the air.
  • Burbujas (Bubbles) : A spinning ride featuring Ernie and Rubber Duckie.
  • Carretas (Carts) : A Ferris wheel with mining carts.
  • Camión Sésamo (Sesame Bus) : A monorail ride featuring the famous yellow Plaza Sésamo bus.
  • Space Shot : A free-fall thrill ride.
  • Sombreros (Hats) : A gentler version of Space Shot for young visitors.
  • Grand Prix : A car-driving attraction.
  • Trenecito : A train ride.
  • Tornado : A swinging ride.
  • Maremoto (Tidal Wave) : A water thrill ride.
  • SKP : A spinning free-fall thrill ride.
  • Aquamundo : A water park area, with slides, a beach and swimming pools.



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