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==External links==
==External links==
* [ Official site]
* [ Official site]
* [ The Muppets 1979 stickers on ''The Official Panini America Blog'']
{{wikipedia|Panini Group}}
{{wikipedia|Panini Group}}
[[Category:International Muppet Misc. Merchandise]]
[[Category:International Muppet Misc. Merchandise]]

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Uk sticker book

Italian novelty company Panini S.p.A. has made several sets of Muppet-related stickers. The sets were released in various European countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

Panini also made Collector's Albums to hold the stickers, which were generally given out for free in order to entice potential collectors.

1979: The Muppets

Panini made a set of 256 Muppet Show stickers in 1979. The stickers included photos from The Muppet Show as well as new illustrations created for the set.

1988: Muppet Babies

Panini made a set of Muppet Babies stickers in 1988.

1994: Dinosaurs

Panini made a set of 150 Dinosaurs stickers in 1994.

1995: The Muppets

Panini made a set of 240 Muppet Show stickers in 1995. The set included Muppet Show photos, posed promo photos, and new illustrations created for the set.

2001: Sesame Street

Panini made a set of 114 Sesame Street stickers, and an accompanying poster in 2001.

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