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Elmo playing his Pac-Man clone.


Kermit does his impression of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man was first released in 1980 and is one of the most successful video games of all time. The game was among the first to deviate from the then-dominant genres of Space Shooters and rudimentary sports games and allow the player to control a simple, cartoon-like character. The popularity of the game and the visual appeal of the Pac-Man character made the Pac-Man brand one of the first to be licensed for use in toys, an animated TV series by Hanna-Barbera, and other merchandise.


  • In Elmo's World: Teeth, Elmo plays a game similar to Pac-Man on his computer, but with the titular character replaced by a set of clacking teeth.
  • The 2012 direct-to-video special Elmo's Alphabet Challenge features a spoof of the game. A. B. C-more appears in the form of the ghosts and Elmo as Pac-Man, moving around the maze looking for various items beginning with different letters. Elmo makes a "muncha muncha" sound as he moves in lieu of Pac-Man's "wakka wakka" noise, which Elmo claims is merely a noise he makes when he's hungry.
  • A photo featuring Cookie Monster uploaded on Sesame Street's Tumblr page features a "Delete Cookies" parody of Pac-Man to promote the DVD release of Elmo's Alphabet Challenge.


  • Will Lee appeared in a 1982 TV commercial for the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man.
  • Peter Cullen played Sour Puss in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
  • Russi Taylor played Pac-Baby in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
  • Frank Welker played various roles in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
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