Osvaldo, el Gruñón
DEBUT 1979
Osvaldo and Gabriel Velez

Osvaldo and Gabriel Velez

Osvaldo, el Gruñón (Oswald the Grouch) is a Grouch who lives in Puerto Rico. He first appeared in the Season 11 premiere of Sesame Street, voiced by Norberto Kerner and puppeteered by Richard Hunt.[1][2] After the week of shows in Puerto Rico, he re-appeared in Episode 1325, where he visited Oscar in New York, and then in Episode 1443, where he becomes an air steward for a Grouch airline. He then made an appearance the following season, visiting in Episode 1557.

He was then performed by Gabriel Velez in subsequent seasons on the show, including Episode 2003.[3] In his latest appearance (episode 3258), he was performed by Peter Linz.

The Osvaldo puppet has the ability to move his eyes, and also appears as a background Grouch, sans nose (such as in Follow That Bird). The puppet also appeared briefly in A Muppet Family Christmas.

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