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Written by Jeffrey Moss
Illustrator Sal Murdocca
Published 1977
Publisher Golden Press
Series A Golden Shape Book

Oscar-the-Grouch's Alphabet of Trash is a 1977 Sesame Street storybook in which Oscar the Grouch presents his grouchy version of the alphabet. Some of the letters provide glimpses into his lifestyle:

D is for "dust", and Oscar dusts his furniture -- by dumping dust on to his bed and nightstand.

E is for "eggshells", which Oscar puts into his bed at night "to get a crummy night's sleep".

G is for "garbage", and the Garbage Grouch arrives with Oscar's weekly supply.

N is for a "no-good necktie", which helped Oscar win the Worst-Dressed Grouch of the Year award.

P is for "patched-up porcupine": "Some people sleep with teddy bears, but I prefer a porcupine because it's so prickly."

V is for "violin": "I love to play the Grouch Sonata late at night," which he does on his screechy old fiddle, resulting in people tossing garbage at him to stop the noise.

W is for "worm", and Oscar presents his pet, Slimey.

X is for "X-rays": Oscar has X-rays of himself, Cookie Monster, a goat, and Sam the Robot.

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