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Oscars trashcan tour 1
Written by  Lee Howard
Illustrator  Jeff Albrecht Studios
Published  2007
Publisher  Paradise Press
Series  Pop-Up Places
ISBN  141942153

Oscar's Trashcan Tour is a 2007 Sesame Street pop-up book published by Paradise Press as part of a set of four "Pop-Up Places" books.

In the book, Oscar the Grouch takes Slimey on a tour of the trash cans on Sesame Street, to see what everyone is throwing away. He finds that Big Bird is reusing string, paper and bark to fix up his nest. He also spots a recycling bin further down the street.

At the end of the day, Oscar decides that there's no trash like the junk in his own trash can, and he and Slimey settle down to a contented sleep.

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