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Written by  Teddy Slater Margulies
Illustrator  Lauren Attinello
Published  1992
Publisher  Golden Press
Series  A Little Golden Book
ISBN  0307001288

Oscar's New Neighbor is a 1992 Sesame Street Little Golden Book in which Oscar the Grouch meets a new neighbor, Germaine the Grouch.

Germaine, or Germie for short, moves her can across the street from Oscar, who immediately falls in love.

Oscar's infatuation initially overshadows his innate grumpiness, as he does everything to please her and Germaine assumes he's not a true Grouch. After a frustrated Oscar finally loses his temper and starts behaving like himself again, Germaine is impressed and the pair have a junkyard picnic of cabbage-ade and sardine and jelly sandwiches.

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